About Karaburun Peninsula

Karaburun Peninsula, surrounded by the Aegean Sea, is situated at the most western point of Asia Minor with the Greek islands of Chios and Lesbos in viewing distance. It is located west of the city of İzmir, comprised wholly within İzmir Province.

It is thought that the peninsula’s name describes how it looks when approaching from open sea, namely a black cape. Archeological and literary studies show that the civilisation in Karaburun dates back to Ancient ages. In the Odyssey of Homer, Karaburun is mentioned with its ancient name “Mimas”, and with its famous afternoon wind. Karaburun enjoys 300 sunny days a year and has a very pleasant, soft, Mediterranean climate. The clean and oxygen-rich air is highly praised.

Although not very far from the vibrant city of Izmir, Karaburun still maintains its natural beauty and authentic Aegean lifestyle. The mountains, which create small secluded bays and beaches, also make the road to Karaburun too curvy. Thanks to this, only people who love the nature enough to endure the long trip visit the area. Most of the peninsula has natural protection area status due to the endemic fauna and wildlife (both on the land and in the sea) and the settlement is limited. Karaburun’s flora and fauna present particularities distinguishing it from the Anatolian mainland. The peninsula is home to endemic types of narcissus, hyacinth, artichokes, oregano, pines, and the famous hurma olives that ripen naturally on the tree and are directly edible. Also the endangered Mediterranean monk seals are regularly spotted at the Karaburun coastline. Karaburun peninsula has the most blue flagged beaches on the Turkish coast, thanks to its location facing the open sea. Thanks also to this location, the locals can enjoy the most delicious wild-caught mullet fish (using traditional labor intensive methods). Throughout the whole year, many nature lovers visit Karaburun to join trekking tours in the mountains, to observe plants and birds, to dive and observe sea life, or simply to have some remote time from stressful city life.

In 2015, Karaburun joined the Delice network of cities as a top food destination, as a part of the Olive Route in Izmir. Olive and olive oil processing has been one of the major economic activities in this peninsula and neighbouring areas such as Urla, which is home to the oldest olive oil mill ever found.