About Us

Boyabağ is a family run organic olive farm, located at an untouched coast on the beautiful Karaburun Peninsula.

Nurtured by the Aegean sun and wind, our olive trees on this exclusive location breed high quality organic olives. All our olives are hand-picked and hand-crafted with care, to create the best quality, organic, olives and extra virgin olive oil of our region.

Our production philosophy results from our passion for good food. We believe that the best food is the least processed, and prepared with the best quality ingredients and craftsmanship. Therefore, respect for our land, traditional methods and local knowledge, passed through generations in this region, are our key values. We also support innovations which combine artisanal processes with modern technologies, contributing to sustainability of olive oil production for future generations.

We aim to provide our consumers with the best culinary experience of Aegean olives, a source of life since ancient times till today…

About our farm

Our olive farm is named after the beautiful small bay that we are located in, on the northern coast of Karaburun Peninsula. Approximately 10 km to the south of Karaburun town and administration center, our bay has a secluded location which is accessible through a narrow road. The bay mostly consists of 15 meter high rocky cliff, a small natural shingle beach and small caves under the cliff. Our farm is located on top of the cliff and provides great views of the open sea, neighbouring bays and of course our own bay.

Boyabağ is full of olive and pine trees as well as the maquis shrub-land native to the Mediterranean climate. Next to that, we also have some endemic flowers such as wild narcissus. When arriving in Boyabağ, the first thing one would notice is the amazing smell, a synthesis of pine, oregano and the iodine smell of the sea. The clean air, beautiful sights of the sea and the great nature provides immediate sense of tranquility.

In Boyabağ, we don’t only aim to enjoy this sense of tranquility, but also to maintain and protect it. We are inspired by the authentic Aegean lifestyle, that is maintained in this area. The life has a slower pace and every moment is cherished. The gastronomical landscape, shaped around the olive oil and sea food, is so simple and yet so distinctive. We would like to contribute to it and share it with our customers through our produce, our location and gastronomic ventures.